Here is the most popular group of Super Fifis.



The super fast powerhouse of the group.

  • Powers: Flies 7x faster than the speed of light with super strength.


The space know it all and risk taker.

  • Powers: Can summon Meteors and make portals to where ever needed.


The underwater warrior usually found at the bottom of the sea.

  • Powers: Can summon water from the ground, controls water around him, shoots water out of his mouth.


The zany hero capable of shocking you into next week.

  • Powers: Can go into electrical appliances and can shoot balls of electricity.


The airborn child of the sky

  • Powers: Can control the winds and can direct them strong enough to send a bullet backwards.


The chilled fifi with a personality to match.

  • Powers: Has frost breath and can make mountains of ice.


The hothead that's not scared to say what's on his mind.

  • Powers: Can turn into a fire ball and can ignite anything he wants to.


The invisible ninja.

  • Powers: Can turn invisible.

Thunder ClapEdit

The fifi who always has his head in the clouds.

  • Powers: Can walk on clouds and can control storms.


The dizzy fifi that can never balance, is also dyslexic.

  • Powers: Can ride tornadoes and can make tornadoes to imprison foes.

Razor PlantEdit

The nature lover who stays away from the city.

  • Powers: Can make plants pop up out of the ground of all shapes and sizes.


The cautious one of the group.

  • Powers: Can create force fields and can shoot force shields.

Sonic BoomEdit

The loudmouth who never keeps quiet.

  • Powers: Can create sonic booms.


The hard head made of rocks.

  • Powers: Can switch from a rock fifi to a normal fifi and can summon rocks from underground.


Pretty much parties all day.

  • Powers: Has drills that can drill through diamond.


Sleeps all day, doesn't talk much.

  • Powers: Telepathy, mind reading, and hypnosis.


Spike is generally scared of everything.

  • Powers: Can curl up into a spiky ball and can fire spikes from her body.

Night ShadeEdit

The prankster.

  • Powers: Can go through walls and possesses people.