The biggest group of supervillians in Zmaria.


  • Pain Lord
    • The leader of the group who can take pain, emotions, and other feelings and transfer them where he pleases.
  • Demon
    • A demon fifi who has hellfire skeleton wings and can travel to and from the underworld when he wants to.
  • Nightmare
    • A fifi who feeds off of bad dreams to get stronger.
  • Metang
    • Has complete mastery over metal and can bend it as he needs.
  • Freezeray
    • Always surrounded in ice armour, he can create icicles out of thin air and fire them at opponents along with frost breath and melting almost any kind of ice.
  • Metamorph
    • Can take the form of solids, liquids, and gasses.
  • Quake
    • A master over earth who will rip out the ground he is standing on to fly.
  • Thornbush
    • Doesn't matter where, can conjure up thorny vines from under him.
  • Lady Laser
    • A skilled acrobatic that can shoot lasers out of her eyes.
  • Tidal Wave
    • Has control over water and will often use it to create giant waves.
  • Whirlwind
    • Can move air only in circular directions allowing him to blow even the heaviest objects away.
  • Volcano
    • Is immune to heat and can spit out lava along with turning rocks into it.
  • Zapper
    • Rides a bolt of lightning, can throw lightning anywhere.
  • Toxic
    • Can melt things on command and can breathe a thing smog layer.
  • Energy Pulse
    • Can take the energy out of air and turn it into spheres, allowing him to throw them, also has a weak telekinesis.


  • Originally, Pain Lord, Nightmare, Lady Laser, and Energy Pulse were not on the team. They replaced these villians:
    • Gravity: Had the power to increase gravity, he was later turned into the Super Fifi Gravity Master.
    • Insulator: Could block out heat, sound, and could nullify attacks.