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Zmania is the second portion of the planet Zmaria ruled by Badoble


This land is ruled over by its fearless leader Badoble, the leader of the fifi army. He holds a remote that can call a military helicopter, along with a golden sword with a fire enchantment so it can slice through metal like it's butter. Badoble's car can turn into a land, air, sea, or underwater vehicle. This land has very strong defense and even stronger offense. Like Zmonia, it is divided into three districts, they are: The Mountains District, The Desert District, and The Forest District.


Watchtower Mountain

  • This is the tallest mountain in Zmania, there is a military base used to watch over all of the fifis and protect them from intruders.

Needlepoint Tower

  • This is the second tallest tower in Zmania. Badoble lives in the top floor. It also hold many scientists and engineers to keep ahead on military technology.

The Caves of Elendor

A network of tunnels the go through Zmania.

New Zmania City

The capitol of Zmania, this city is home to many fifis and the Shark Building can be seen dominating its skyline.

Cloud 10

A City floating in a cloud high above the ground.


The heavy artillery hold a rocket launcher called the atom blaster, when hit with it, it rips all the atoms in your body and/or vehicle apart and then launches them in every direction. This weapon was one of the main reasons Matty was taken down from his seat of power. Its overwhelming violence, which was warned against by Zach, Jack, Sam, and many other pacifists, was far too intense and encroached upon the boundaries of the Pacifist Law.

  • The armor they wear is very thin and light, but also very strong. Few things can get through it. It also has an eyepiece that detects enemies and has x-ray vision. They also wear jet packs.
  • The navy boat is surrounded by retractable electric spikes, and one longer one on the front for ramming. It also has atom blasters.
  • The land vehicle has a death bringer machine gun which can fire 25 bullets a second.
  • The fighter planes have two plasma jets that can go 200mph have 4 death bringers. There are also bomber jets equipped with atom blasters.

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