Zach Enterprises is the biggest company in Zmaria. It was founded by Zach a few years ago and has then grown tremendously.


Zach Enterprises has spread out through Zmaria and also uses interplanetary travel. It has also gone through the multiverse into the Minecraft universe and the Spore universe. It has then made many branches of it, making it the biggest company.


  • Sheep Co.
    • Made wool and bred sheep.
  • Dark Magic Ind.
    • Specifies in the dark arts, was popular among dark types.
  • Plots Inc.
    • Cleared plots of land for houses and buildings.
  • Food Essence
    • A group of miners that work on Mifelia.
  • Dying for Dye
    • A branch that gives out dyes, works in cooperation with Sheep Co.
  • Cookie Co.
    • All cookies, all the time.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Zach: He founded the company from the ground up, he is the owner of the entire company and has led it to other universes.
  • Jacob: Jacob is a part time employee who deals with interplanetary travel from his spaceship.