Valco is an island off the coast of Zmonia containing a giant volcano.

The Valco-Stone

Long before the rule of Zach, a miner named Joseaelf found a ruby red stone. He noticed that the stone had a powerful glow coming from it's core. Joseaelf knew

this was no ordinary stome, so he took it to the black smith known as

The Valco Stone.

chelario. He mixed it with gold and put it in a sword. When it touched a foo, it withered up and died. If an animal touched it, it would grow to adult form and gain maximum power. He realized it could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. He gave it to a dragon off the coast of Valco. It was 1,000 years before the evil fifi discovered of its existence. Since he was busy doing other things, he crafted a dark sword similar to the light sword. The light sword would get rid of all Evil and sickness in the land. The dark sword would rid of all happiness and good in the land.

One day Zach was alerted that the dragon had been spotted, so he packed up his gear and asked Jack to accompany him. Although, on their way they spotted several foos heading the same way. They pulled out their swords and cut some horns. A few days later, they reached the dragon. They didn't want to fight the dragon so the kindly asked for the Valco-Stone in exchange for five diamonds. The dragon accepted the offer, and gave them the stone, but suddenly a foo came in and swiped the stone. He jumped up and grabbed the dark sword. Right as he was about to attach it Jack threw his sword and knocked it out of his hand. Zach then grabbed the Valco-Stone and plugged it into the light sword, causing a beam of light to shoot into the sky ridding all evil and sickness. Although some foos still remain, most are gone. Gems


When Zach's Great great great Grandfather came to Valco island, he had found that there was already a civilization on the island. There was a small village containing five small huts, a fishing shack, a spear hut, and a medium sized town hall. When the inhabitants noticed them, they were thrown in an underground jail, but easily escaped. After seeing Zach's great great great grandfather again, they realized how intelligent they were, so they joined the village making more complex buildings and bringing food and inventions.


  • Go swimming in the Cyan waters off the coast.
  • Hike up Mt. Valco.
  • Go play at the beach.
  • Go explore the native jungles.