I created this blog to address any situations we are having and may have in the future. Feel free to post any ideas for rules on this page, and then immediately contact me about it on my Message Wall. (Jack's message wall) Please post your name/user name, your rule suggestion, and who you're directing this rule at (If it's directed at anybody,) and why you've brought this rule up. Remember to make a bullet point!


  • Name/Username (make these links): [insert rule suggestion], because [why.] Now, put the name of the violator of this rule, or whoever you suspect of doing it. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be polite.


  • Jack/Sprocket53: I think only the person who uploaded a photo should be able to use it, because several of my photos have been used in pictures, and I am losing badge points that I should deserve. Zach has been doing this, and, although there should be no punishment at this time, I would like him to stop.