Toaster Bot


Matty's Army of Robots.


  1. Mmm... makes yummy toast.
  2. Googly Eyes... to... strike fear... into... your opponent's heart?
  3. The mouth sticker is starting to peel off.
  4. Wheels fo' rollin'.
  5. Grabby arms for grabbing.


Matty's Toaster-Bots are "deadly" weapons that reside in Matty's Nation. They run on D batteries. They have 2 modes sucicide and fight. They are filled with 10 pounds of c4 and toast. These are his grunts.


  1. Hydro electricity powered stick. this stick has thrusters for stabbing and wacking. It is a pretty handy weapon, but it must be used in water.
  2. c4. This is short for citrus-4, the leading producer of orange juice. They have a booster on there bottom which turns them into a rocket capable of hovering up to two and a half feet off the ground.