The warriors are a group of fifis that play dress up.


As stated, this group of fifis plays dress up. They put on certain costumes and role play their character. They have done almost nothing except for take control of Cliffyard Outpost, but even then, they didn't exactly take it over, they just stumbled across.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Stevenson
    • Costume: King
    • The leader of The Warriors, king Stevenson leads his team into battle in hopes of a victory.
  • Carl
    • Costume: Caveman
    • Carl, is the brains of the operation and decides where the group should go.
  • Steve:
    • Costume: Astronaut
    • Steve likes to pretend that his foam dart gun can shoot lasers, though it can still do some damage, though he still prefers to use his "laser sword"
  • Edna
    • Costume: Viking
    • Edna is the team's brute force, charging into battle with a war axe.
  • Pete
    • Costume: Pirate
    • Owner of his own pirate ship, Pete provides transportation.
  • Moe
    • Costume: Miner
    • Leader over at Enkentur.