Roaming the forests of Zmunia, this fifi lurks within the darkness. He finds a prey, and chases after immediately. There is no stopping this wild fifi, as it can track your scent from miles away, fueled only by hunger. From what's been observed, only the day can pause his hunt, only to be awoken the next night. My only advice is that you cannot hide, only run.

-Passage from the Fifipedia


A wild fifi roaming the forests of Zmunia, this fifi is immortal. It stops at only the day to chase it's prey, its glowing yellow eyes can spot a fifi from up to a 1/4 of a mile. Along with that, it can pick up a scent from miles away. It is unknown how old it is because it has been hunting for as long as anyone can remember. Those who wander in the woods alone should beware this creature.