The laziest member of the ZSF, Psych usually only shows up to help if someone drags her out of bed. Which can be hard, since she usually only wakes up enough to hypnotize whoever is doing the dragging, and tells them to let her go back to sleep. Only Sonic Boom is loud enough to wake her up completely. Once she's awake though, she can hypnotize almost any villain to back down. She can also use her telepathy to let her teammates communicate silently. Despite what many people think, she can't move things with her mind. At least, not yet...


  • Can hypnotize almost anyone, except extremely stupid fifis (like Matty) or fifis who are blind or deaf, since her hypnotism needs both sight and sound to work.
  • Can read anyone's mind, unless they're another telepath and are purposely blocking her.
  • Can communicate mentally, and allow others to mentally communicate with her.
  • FP: Can pick up psychic impressions from the past and future, allowing her to tell what happened in a room or what an object has been used for, and to predict an individual's actions or foretell a major event. 

Full PotentialEdit

Psych has not yet discovered her full potential.