Night Shade
Night Shade is one of the Zmarian Super Fifis.


Night Shade is the prince of darkness, but he's no royalty. The rune on his forehead is from an ancient language used by a forgotten civilization. He is quite mischievous, and loves to pull pranks.


  • Can go through walls and floors.
  • Can become a shadow.
  • Can possess weak-minded creatures. Gains power over strong-minded creatures as well with FP.
  • FP: Controls shadows and gives them physical form.

Full PotentialEdit

Night Shade was pulling the classic bucket-of-water-on-the-door prank on Thunder Clap, who fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Night Shade found it hilarious. Thunder Clap did not. Several minutes later, Night Shade was running as fast as he could away from the place, closely followed by a huge tornado. Soon, he was caught, and was left so dizzy that he tripped over his own shadow. He then noticed that his shadow was standing up in 3D and looking at him disapprovingly. It took quite a long moment of awkward silence for him to realize that he had unlocked his full potential. He quickly returned home and apologized to Thunder Clap, who apologized in turn for his overreaction, and was congratulated by his friends.