It's funny really, my weaknesses are my greatest strengths. -Metal Fist


Super Fifi Metal Fist was born with a mutation, he had no feet at birth but had four telepathic grips. Unfortunately, a week after he was born, a disease kicked in turning his four grips into metal but also increasing his defense greatly. Seeing him as useless, his mother abandoned him in the Cheriokio Forest where he was left to die. However, a group of neefies found him and thought he was a neefie due to his four metal spheres and took him in as their own. He was led to a small community of twenty neefies and when was taken care of. At the village, he spent time growing up as a neefie and learned how to use his spheres as transport and as tools. He spent the first sixteen of his life believing that he was a neefie just like his village, who became his family. He was a hero in the village thanks to being able to use his metal to help build, craft, and destroy. When he was sixteen, a group of explorers found the village and noticed him, and saw that the neefies had taken him in thinking he was one of them. Metal Fist was able to go off for the first time, though it was rough adjusting to life in Diberkle as he couldn't speak the same language and only a few members of the town could speak neefie. Though through many classes he learned to speak the native language of the fifis and was trained to be a warrior, though he never forgot of his family and would visit them once a week to help them with anything they needed. As he moved up through the ranks of a warrior he moved to Fifi City and trained in the police force to fight crime. He later quit to fight on his own against powerful villains, it was then that he realized he was a super fifi.


Metal Fist's signature attack has him spin rapidly with his spheres out, cutting anything that gets in his way, this replicates a common defense strategy used by neefies. Another one of his attacks is where he rolls on all for wheels and charges at full speed ramming into his target knocking them away, resembling the way neefies move around. Up close, he can swipe furiously with three of his spheres along with punching and pounding. Another attack his to put his spheres out and cartwheel at high speeds, this is useful for cutting large hings in half and resembles how neefies move quickly through forests.


  • Four Metal Telepathic Spheres
  • Increased Defense