One of the three leaders of the ZSF.


Jetplane is one of the three leaders of the Zmarian Super Fifis, he has the power to fly 7x faster than the speed of light, while he is flying, he gains super strength.


FP means that this power was unlocked at full potential.

  • Can fly 7x faster than the speed of light.
  • Possesses super strength while in flight. Increased during FP.
  • FP: Has an amazing eyesight that can see up to 100 miles.

Full PotentialEdit

When Jetplane was doing his daily patrol around the world, he flew through a mystical light and started to lose control. He started flying around the world at high speeds and couldn't stop. At first nothing happened. But soon after radio waves started scrambling and no one could contact each other. After about two days he fell asleep and crashed into TreeTop Village.