One of the Zmarian Super Fifis.


Force is one of the Zmarian Super Fifis and specializes in use of forcefields.


  • Can create a forcefield to protect himself and his friends.
  • Can surround enemies with forcefields to imprison them. Strengthened with FP.
  • FP: Can create a ginormous forcefield expanding from the gem on his forehead, which nullifies and reflects all attacks.

Full PotentialEdit

While exploring a new dimension discovered by Jack that had loads of psychic energy, An incredible powerful gust of wind blew off his crown, which stabilizes his energy. Without anything limiting his power, he lost control and nearly encased the entire dimension! Perhaps by luck, he found his crown bathing in a pool of energy, and glowing stronger than ever before. He recovered it and noticed that he could now control all of his strength without putting a limit on his power, and was congratulated on reaching his full potential upon his return.