One of the Zmarian Super Fifis.


Dewdrop is the master of water, no questions asked. His pleasant demeanor and go-with-the-flow attitude keep his friends going.


  • Can control water.
  • Can heal himself and others with water. Heals more with FP.
  • Can create water and fire it. Creates more with FP.
  • FP: Can turn his body into water.

Full PotentialEdit

Dewdrop found his full potential in a much simpler way than most of the other Super Fifis. One day, Dewdrop was relaxing in a river. It felt so good, he hardly noticed that he himself had become water and joined the river! This turn of events caught him by surprise when he opened his eyes on the other side of the river, but he mastered use of it soon enough. Now he tries much harder to avoid melting into bodies of water on accident!