Super Fifi Charge


Charge was the fourth member of the Zmarian Super Fifis. Even though Charge is mostly calm, he suffers from an extreme case of ADHD that causes him to get exited easily, pumping adrenaline through his body. He is one if the teams most powerful member being only behind Jetplane, Dewdrop, and Astro. He is the second smartest on the team but by far the most playful.


FP indicate that this power was unlocked with full potential.

  • Can shoot electricity.
  • Is capable of controlling machines.
  • Can possess machines.
  • FP: Can absorb massive amounts of electricity.
  • FP: Can turn into pure electricity.

Reaching Full PotentialEdit

After getting tasered by his friend Frostbite, Charge lost control of his body and went on a rampage. Unfortunately he was in Fifi City at the time and he somehow absorbed all of the power in the city, not really helping with this whole... rampage thing going on. Upon reaching the power plant, Charge managed to collect all fifty back up generators, making him EVEN MORE unstable. He then shot out so much electricity in to the sea so he could control his body's movements but still couldn't control his power. After another day, he returned to normal and was congratulated by his team on being the first one to unlock full potential.