Royal Fifi

A Royal Fifi.


The Royal Fifi really isn't royalty of any kind. It was named for its color as well as the luxurious cape found on its back. Royal Fifis are definitely one of the less common fifis, taking it quite a long time to discover. It values its cape greatly and refuses to let others touch it. It has quite a sweet tooth and can easily be lured with candy.


  • Its cape
  • The color purple
  • Sweets


  • Veggies
  • People who touch its cape
  • The color yellow.


  • This is the first picture we've received since our cameraman came back after taking the summer off.
  • Similiar to Jack, the Royal Fifi's cape cannot be removed.
  • The royal Fifi is said to have nerves in its cape and thus can feel when you touch its cape.