Rivermill Map

Map of Rivermill


Rivermill is a small town north of Fifi City, it has three buildings and a lumber mill. It was fought for in The Great Foo War because the foos thought it would be an excellent military outpost for attacking Fifi City. It however was defended and it barely survived. Rivermill is a great town to stop at if you need a place to stay for the night.

Points of InterestEdit

James' Blacksmith (1)Edit

James' blacksmith is an important part of the town because it makes weapons, armor, and jewelry for the town.

Mike's General Goods (2)Edit

Mike's is the average shop in town. Sells food, clothes, books, and other items of importance.

Slumbermill Inn (3)Edit

The inn is owned by Rulda, an old fifi who takes care of her customers with great respect. The Inn has five rooms and each room holds two fifis.

Rivermill Sawmill (4)Edit

The Sawmill is the most important part of the community because it gathers wood to repair the town.



The blacksmith in town who creates items for fifis passing through.


Owner of the General Goods store, sells fresh food for those who need it along with books, clothes, and maps.


Maker of the Slumbermill Inn, lives in the back room and grew up in Rivermill. Offers rooms for travelers an amount of gold per night.


Resident of Rivermill, is married to James.


Mike's sister, goes on adventures occasionally. Not usually at the town.


Rulda's son, experienced magic user and helper at the inn.