Grass fifi

A plant fifi. Notice the florage crown on its head.

Plant fifi

A plant fifi.

Plant Fifis are peaceful fifis who like to stroll around and admire the scenery. Their Crowns have a layer of grass, as well as several vines, which can extend to enormous lengths. They can use their vines to climb around like giant, long legs or use them as whips. They are one of the few fifis who can eat a Zonkel Berry without... without... without upchucking.


  • Sunny Days
  • Plantlife
  • Peace


  • Dark Days
  • Deserts
  • Tension


  • The plant fifis found in Manhatub woods, such as Florie, who played a leading role in Kentsy's Amazing Adventure, are more powerful than average plant fifis, and are capable of specializing in multiple techniques.