The Home of the Cult of Skyder.


Perfection Island is a small island that is off the coast of northern Zmania It consists of four quadrants and a temple in the center. It was destroyed by the Hounogran Fifi but has been returned t its former state.

Plains QuadrantEdit

The Plains Quadrant was an area mainly used for meditation. It was a large, grassy field.

Forest QuadrantEdit

The Forest Quadrant was used for team battles such as capture the flag. The terrain was a thick, jungle like region that provided lots of shade. The were two treehouses, one on the east side and one on the west side, the treehouses would be the bases of operations during these games.

Quarry QuadrantEdit

This section was used for one on one battles. It was a large stone crater like structure with water at the bottom. There were two halves: the first half was two pillars sticking out of the ground for ranged battles where the goal was to knock the other person into the water below. The second half was a large circular platform that was used for up close battles.

River QuadrantEdit

This part of the island was used for recreational activities. It consisted of rolling hills and a valley with a river at the bottom of it. Here, members could swim, race, or do other activities they wanted to.