Paktokinesis has the power to control paktogran energy, the power of pure evil. It can be used to create paktogran energy or manipulate existing energy. Paktokinesis is pure evil and corrupts the wielder until there is nothing left in them but pain, hatred, and bitter evil. While Paktokinesis is evil, it is admittedly one of the strongest types of kinesis, possibly rivaled only by Honourokinesis or Omnikinesis



  • Paktokinesis is not a desirable ability. It literally takes over your life so that you become a walking embodiment of evil, whether you intended to become such or not.
  • It is unknown how Paktokinesis is obtained, but there are speculations that it can be spread by a relic or similar artifact that possesses Paktogran energy.
  • Paktokinesis is one of the few types of kinesis that cannot be taught, along with Honourokinesis, Omnikinesis, and possibly others.
  • it is the opposite of Honourokinesis.