Otherworld (also called the underworld) is a plain of existence located next to Tanorckle's plain of existence. It serves as the Fifi's Evil kingdoms, where he keeps his armies and supplies. The only way to get there is by activating a stalled portal. The Otherworld seems to have no consistency in regards in physics, for example, some areas have twice as much gravity that Tanorckle while other areas have half as much. The same applies with temperatures, you could be walking in one hundred degrees and after two steps, you could be walking in negative twenty four degrees. if traveling in the Otherworld, one should not rely on their abilities, as they can change to do the exact opposite of what they're supposed to do. No on has traveled much in it because the Otherworld's aura will suck the happiness out of weaker fifis. Thus, we do not have a very accurate map of the area.