A neefie.

Neefie (rolling)

A neefie using its hands and feet like wheels.

Neefies are somewhat carefree creatures that roam the lands of Zmaria. They are just about always happy and their bodies are completely covered in fur, except for their arms and legs. Since their arms are somehow unattached to their bodies, they can move them around and even rotate them as much as they please. Neefies can utilize this curious technique to put all hands and feet on the ground, an then, by rotating them, drive around as if they were a car! Can you believe that? Also, their fur is so incredibly lightweight and fluffy that neefies can be lifted by even the lightest gust of wind. Neefies have perplexed scientists for a long time, now. Also, anything attacking a neefie simply goes right through it, nothing can make contact with it unless they hit a neefie's hand or foot. This proves to be very difficult, as they can hide their arms and legs inside their fur, or simply move them out of the way.


Neefies reached landfall around the same time as bobos.


Neefies can move their arms and legs all around their bodies, as well as being immune to anything that doesn't hit their arms and legs. They can ride the wind, too.


Neefies are currently allied with the Fifis, due to their amazing personality, but are not expected to battle, due to their carefree disposition.

Certain NeefiesEdit