Matty's Nation is located in the mountain region of Zmania and is 50 square feet in total. He has been stocking up on "advanced" technology, which is a few slingshots and a branch with some thorns on it. Wait... I'm looking at the property deed, turns out he doesn't even own the land, it's owned by some guy named Reggie, and Matty hasn't payed for rent in five months. Wait here while I call the land owner. Too late.. he read this and took Reggie's Shack, an old army bunker, and moved to Flame Rock Island.


Matty's Nation has powerful military weaponry... HA! Who are we kidding. He couldn't even take out a simple dragon.

  • The Slingsta- He has three of these, he found some sticks that were shaped like a Y and added a few rubberbands and gathered some rocks. It has poor accuracy, terrible power, and we're running out of rocks.
  • The Pain Stick- The Pain Stick was created when he picked up a pretty big stick. It proved to be heavier than he thought, so he lost his balance and toppled into a thorn bush, the thorns stuck to the stick and won't come off. Now he uses it to chase rats that invade his nation.
  • Island Heart- A funny looking rock Matty found. He claims that it was glowing, but that was his flashlight shining on it.
  • Army of Robots