General Fifi

Ugly fifi

He is Matty, and no longer the ruler of Zmania.


Matty was the formal General of Zmania. Being a general, he believes violence is the solution to any and every problem. Also, he has "no need" for intellegence, and thus has a lack of it. There are several questions as to why, but scientists, such as Sam and Jack, agree that there is a big, gaping hole where his brain should be. Some say it's just because he dropped out of school in 2nd grade, some say he used drugs that improve your body, give you muscles, and destroy your brain. Personally, I think he accidentally used his black hole staff on his head. He was the ruler of Matty's Nation before relocating to Flame Rock Island.


Powers? What powers? Matty's powers have nothing to do with himself, as he relies on his trusted black hole stick. This stick can cause a black hole, dissolve one creature a week, and transform into any one of 5 weapons. Useful? Yes. Overpowered? Yes. Steroids? Maybe...