Master Fifi

The Master Fifi

The Master Fifi is a mix of: air, plant, fire, psychic, ice, crystal, water, poison, metal, earth, electric, dark, and light elements.


The master fifi is a being of legend. It is a combination of nearly all known elements! It is quite possibly the most powerful fifi ever to exist! Not only does it have the combined powers of all known elements, but also, with its crown, it can grant any wish it likes, be it great power, riches, or physical fitness. When the master fifi combines all of its elements, you'd better watch out! This combined attack holds the power necessary to completely annihilate a small planetoid! The Master Fifi is definitely an entity to be reckoned with. The Master Fifi is the only fifi capable of wielding the power of every type of element, and is known to be an ultimate force of good reserved for the last line of defence.


This is a list of which parts of the Master Fifi's body correspond to which element:

  • Left eye: Dark
  • Right eye: Light
  • Mouth: Air
  • Left leg: Plant
  • Right leg: Water
  • Upper left eighth: Crystal
  • Upper right eighth: Electric
  • Upper middle left eighth: Ice
  • Upper middle right eighth: Metal
  • Lower middle left eighth: Psychic
  • Lower middle right eighth: Earth
  • Lower left eighth: Fire
  • Lower right eighth: Poison
  • Crown: Mix of all elements