Light fifi

A light fifi.

Light fifis are one of the 13 main types of fifi. Natural light fifis usually live on Sunshine Island. Common fifis who wish to become light fifis must either attend Grace's School of Light or unite the Glow Crystal with the Glow Crown. Light fifis are quite uncommonly sighted, but have several more common subspecies.


  • Glow
  • Shine
  • Flash
  • Bright
  • Mirror (Metal Hybrid)


Bright lights, shiny things, and sunny days


Cloudy days, nighttime, and darkness in general


  • Most light fifis have extreme achluophobia (fear of the dark), though this is completely irrational as they can produce a large glow around them. When not confronted with darkness, light fifis commonly have a cheerful, optimistic personality.
  • The legendary Moondust Fifi is rumored to be distantly related to being a light type, but it is still a complete mystery whether this is or isn't true. It was first seen on Javelin Pillar, which was then renamed Moondust Pillar because of the momentous occasion.
  • Before the Treaty, they were known as the Light Tribe