Kronos Asthareus is an extremely powerful Space and Time Fifi and a descendent of the Asthareus family. He has the power to control Space and Time, making him one of the most powerful fifis known. He is currently stationed in Ravencroth Prison. His power to control Space and Time is found only in his family and the Master Fifi. The entire family does not posses this power though. Every 1000 years, when the Asthareus comet passes over Zmaria, the next child to be born is granted with Spatio-Chronokinesis.

The IncidentEdit

After being punished for misusing his powers, Kronos ran away from his family, where he started a life of crime. One day, when Badoble tried to arrest him, he started to ascend into the air where he started to rip out pieces of the universe. Badoble called for Zach and Jack's help but when they got there, needlepoint tower had already been erased from existence. Knowing that if they fought him, they would be erased, Jack developed a plant to lure him into Ravencroth Prison. They were able to set a series of missiles to attack him, leading him to Ravencroth where he was pulled in by a tractor beam, ever since, he has been under 24 hour surveillance.


  • Spatio-Chronokinesis: This allows him to control space and time.