Raise your shields!!!


Kolpdixey is a planet in Tanorckle as civilized as Zmaria. The only problem is that six colors of Fifis are fighting for the island.



Home to the red nation, Kehbengov will proudly raise its flag to support the war. It is the most successful nation on the empire and has the best military.


Though it may be small, the purple nation is one real powerhouse when it comes to melee. Aquanta is a tropical paradise and has the best naval forces.


Kuit is a very poor nation and is housing the entire brown nation. When invading Kuit, watch out for various traps including oil pits and boomerang bombs. They mine for oil so they can fund their country.


South of Kehbengov, the blue nation attacks without warning. Ground troops are rendered useless thanks to their aerial technology.


Hear those trumpets blowing? That's Danvije, home of the green nation, playing deadly instruments. When defending against them, set out extra security because you never know, that briefcase might have a bomb in it.


The yellow nation of the north knows how to sneak in somewhere. How, you ask? The answer is digging. They have subterranean drills that can break through anything, so your floor is as good as dirt.


  • Hintenberg, which has advanced aerial technology, is likely a reference to the "Hindenburg", a type of German blimp.

Act IEdit

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August 25, 2013Edit

  • Danvije government poisons Jedrift River, main source of water in Quintif.
  • Quintif forced to salvage water.

August 28, 2013Edit

  • The Adacab Virus spreads across Kuit destroying many of the population.
  • Danvije attacks the Hifod region of Quintif.

September 2, 2013Edit

  • Aquanta attacks the Jobado region of Hintenberg.


September 4, 2013Edit

  • The Adacab Virus has been fought and is no longer a threat.

September 8, 2013Edit

  • The Quintif drives Danvije out of Hifod.

September 9, 2013Edit

  • A spaceship lands in the Fucijon region of Kehbengov.

October 9, 2013Edit

  • Aquanta takes over the the Jobado region of Hintenberg.

October 10, 2013Edit

  • Kehbengov discovers Rogue Foo essence inside of space ship meaning Rogue Foos are on the loose.

December 7, 2013Edit

  • Aquanta corners Hintenberg into the Holeudfued region.

March 16, 2014Edit

  • Zach comes to propose a treaty to avoid interplanetary war and succeeds, causing peace and the nations to return to normal.

Act IIEdit