Type: Wild


Kiwi fifis are a type of fifi that had perviously inhabited Zmania but Matty had them exiled for some behavior reason. They were shipped out into the ocean in an ark for three years before the ark landed on Kiwiopolis. Kiwi Fifis have a unique power in which they can create gemstones out of thin air, a test of over 100 Kiwi Fifis creating gemstones at the same time was done and 72 of them created diamonds concluding that diamonds are their favorite gemstone. Kiwi Fifis have nothing to do with the fruit or bird, they are named for being brown on the outside and green on the inside, they do like to eat kiwis however.


Kiwi Fifis are not as evolved as most fifis are. They cannot speak the native fifi language and rarely use tools of any kind. Kiwi fifis do not domesticate animals and it is very hard to force them to create gems as they create them with emotion.


Kiwi Fifis are one of the most relaxed fifis known. They are very curious and can be scared of outsiders. They can get scared easily for example, thunder storms will make them run and hide under trees or in bushes. They can however, be very wild in the fact that they almost tore down Watchtower Mountain after Matty started to hoard large amounts of kiwis and refused to hand them over.