Kentsy (2)

Kentsy, a carefree Fifi. This picture was taken before he became Jack's adviser.


Kentsy is a water and light hybrid. This picture was taken after he joined up with Jack.

Kentsy is Jack's adviser. Kentsy is a water and light type hybrid, and has been Jack's reliable best friend since they were two. Kentsy's personality is very friendly, and he dislikes any kind of violence. Being the water type that he is, Kentsy excels at swimming and can even use his crown as a propeller to send him in whatever direction he's facing. Kentsy's color was somehow darkened when he became Jack's adviser.


Kentsy will only fight if necessary, but is a very powerful ally to have. his signature move is called stardust geyser, in which he shoots a torrent of water out of his crown and fills the torrent with star dust, which both strengthens the move and adds that little pizzazz. The strength of this move depends on Kentsy's emotion; it is much more powerful when Kentsy feels strong emotions. Since emotions are an unstable source to rely on, Jack and Kentsy have been collaborating in an attempt to find other ways to power it. Other moves include stardust rain, force bubble, and water block.


  • swimming
  • friendly competition
  • making new friends
  • exploring new areas
    • Now do you see why he's friends with Jack?