Earth Fifis, learn!


Jose's school is tough, it teaches Fifis to be the best earth Fifis they can be. They don't do daily routines of quizzes, instead they have P.E. everyday.

Hall of FameEdit

The 7 TrialsEdit

  1. Must be able to create a level four earthquake.
  2. Must be able to lift yourself using the ground below you.
  3. Must be able to create a rock wall capable of blocking a small rocket explosion.
  4. Must be able to dig at a minimum speed of twenty miles an hour.
  5. Must be able to launch a rock a minimum of fifty feet.
  6. Must be able to create a rocky layer of armor.
  7. Must be able to collapse earth into the ground in a minimum of a three foot radius.


Jose's school excels in sports like football.