Jeb and Reggie are two brothers famous for being stupid. Seriously, these two put the YOLO SWAG Fifis to shame. They were first recognized as idiots when they were the only ones to enter a contest for a ten-inch plasma screen TV... and lost.


Jeb is the younger of the two, having been born one day after Reggie. Jeb is said to be the more public of the two, having done several idiotic things such as interrupting important meetings among world officials while wearing a platypus suit.


Reggie is one day older than Jeb, but he is no more mature. He is said to be the dumber of the two, but his randomness trumps all. Reggie seems to be the one who comes up with all of the ideas for the two-man crew.


There are many things that Jeb and Reggie do completely randomly. Here are some of the ways they pass their time.


It's not really. When Jeb and Reggie do parkour, they think turning around in a circle is a masterful trick.

  • They never stop bragging about a parkour trick they invented: the Gawscopter.
    • To do the Gawscopter, you lift one leg up, turn a bit, swing your leg by your other as you turn in the other direction, and then do the same thing to return to your original position.

Squid BattleEdit

Jeb and Reggie will be going about their daily activities when suddenly, they turn to each other and shout: "SQUID BATTLE!" They then promptly proceed to put on squid-like hats and have a sword fight.

Make Music VideosEdit

Jeb and Reggie made a music video. It only had one line of lyrics, which was repeated over and over again whilst mashing keys on a piano: "Jeb and Reggie are so awesome! Jeb and Reggie are so awesome!"


Frisball is a game Jeb and Reggie invented. It's kind of similar to the human sport baseball.

  • The "batter" stands there holding a frisbee, and then throws it. If nobody catches it, the "batting" team gets a point, if it is caught, the "fielding" team gets a point.


  • Rumor has it that they have a cousin named Bonson.