All my life people have called me a freak, but fighting you made me realize something... THEY WERE RIGHT! -James Callomer


A fifi who was born with the skill to use an ancient form of magic that hasn't been seen for thousands of years. This magic allowed the user to turn creatures into statues. When he was young, he was scared of himself and ran away with nothing but his favorite book, building a mansion. James then proceeded to grow a complex hedge maze around it where he would turn trespassers into statues. At thirteen year old he had already learned and could perform everything from his favorite book, The Master's Enchantment Guide, making him the youngest fifi ever to be able to use a master level enchantment, an incredible feat considering he lacked the books the came before like The Beginner's Enchantment Guide, The Experienced Enchantment Guide, The Complex Enchantment Guide, and The Expert's Enchantment Guide. Along with being a very skilled magic user he is also very skilled with a bow and arrow, allowing him to paralyze foes from a far.