JEROMe is the president of the world. Who knows which world, though. Zmania? The Human world? The planet Zimbeldudeldorf? Very few have actually claimed to see JEROMe, including: Zach, Jack, Jeb, Reggie, and Trey. JEROMe is said to be able to travel back and forth between communication devices, but that may just be pictures of him being sent out. From what we've heard, he has a strange affection toward green beans and tends to zone out and stare off in some direction. Some say that when he does this, he is staring into another dimension, others say he is staring into people's souls. He possesses (supposedly on purpose) less than average grammatical and spelling skills.


  • Among the four that have seen JEROMe, none of them claim to have seen the lower half of Jerome's body. Is there even one? Upon inquiry, JEROMe is said to say "secrets: I haz dem."
  • Yoda, he sometimes speaks like.
  • Does he have one eye or two? Nobody knows.
  • He is sometimes seen the way he is shown in the above picture, or other times seen wearing a top hat and having a very stylish mustache.
  • Every color is his favorite (actually, he just likez de bluez, de greenz, de purplez, and de orangez. Oh, he also likes de redz.)
  • Do you think he looks like a hand puppet? Nah, I didn't either.