The Infinity Tower

The Infinity Tower


The Infinity Tower is a never-ending tower of enemies, they are of all shapes and sizes. You can choose to go alone or go with friends, but you would get more loot alone. Each floor is different, rumor has it that on the last floor, there is an unspeakable treasure. Every fifi already in the tower is a Shadow fifi, not like a normal shadow fifi, but a kind of fifi that is possessed.

Floor RecordsEdit

Here is a floor record for every known floor.

Floor 1Edit

  • Two Serpentine Fifis
  • One Bandit Fifi

Floor 2Edit

  • Twenty Bandits Fifis

Floor 3Edit

  • One Sword Fifi
  • Two Fighter Fifis

Floor 4Edit

  • Three Spike Fifis
  • One Invisible Fifi

Floor 5Edit

  • Five Fire Fifis
  • One Explorer Fifi

Floor 6Edit

  • Ten Water Fifis
  • One Wave Fifi

Floor 7Edit

  • One Electric Fifi
  • Two Mushroom Fifis
  • One Rogue Foo

Floor 8Edit

  • One Plant Fifi
  • One Sword Fifi
  • One Lightning Fifi

Floor 9Edit

  • One Toxic Fifi
  • One Poison Fifi
  • One Radioactive Fifi

Floor 10Edit

  • Two Star Fifis
  • One Sword Fifi

Floor 11Edit

  • Two Mushroom Fifis
  • Three Shield Fifis
  • Four Ghost Fifis
  • Five Fighting Fifis

Floor 12Edit

  • One Storm Fifi
  • Three Frost Fifis
  • One Blizzard Fifi
  • Two Polar Fifis

Floor 13Edit

  • Three Ninja Fifis
  • Five Yolo Swag Fifis
  • One Luck Fifi

Floor 14Edit

  • Five Snake Fifis
  • Three Bandit Fifis
  • Six Axe Fifis

Floor 15Edit

  • Four Thief Fifis
  • Two Hammer Fifis
  • One Rock Fifi

Floor 16Edit

  • One Sword Fifi
  • One Axe Fifi
  • Two Knife Fifis
  • One Spear Fifi
  • One Mace Fifi
  • Two Chain Fifis

Floor 17Edit

  • Three Claw Fifis
  • Two Fang Fifis
  • Two Horn Fifis

Floor 18Edit

  • Ten Zombie Fifis
  • Ten Skeleton Fifis
  • One Necromancer Fifi

Floor 19Edit

  • Two Fog Fifis
  • Three Mist Fifis
  • Five Smoke Fifis
  • One Invisible Fifi
  • One Shadow Fifi

Floor 20Edit

  • One Blade Fifi
  • Two Sword Fifis
  • Two Axe Fifis
  • Two Knife Fifis
  • One Dagger Fifi
  • One Scythe Fifi
  • One Shield Fifi

Floor 21Edit

  • Five Ninja Fifis
  • Two Archer Fifis
  • Seven Thief Fifis
  • Three Bandit Fifis
  • One Assassin Fifi