Hyper fifi

The hyper fifi. As you can see, he is very hyper. I wonder if he had an entire planet's oceans full of coffee, or just his daily dose of 9,234,970 gallons.

The Hyper Fifi is basically an extremely overcaffeinated common fifi.


The Hyper Fifi lives for coffee. The average coffee fifi consumes approximately 9,234,970 gallons of coffee a day, and is hyper enough to run around the entire planet of Zmaria about 573,592,649 times in a minute.


  • Anywhere there's coffee!


  • Not Sleeping
  • Drinking coffee
  • Drinking more coffee
  • Drinking even more coffee
  • Drinking even... well, you get the idea.

Here's something created by the Hyper Fifi. He invented it after drinking 3 oceans' worth of coffee.

Here it is, folks! The one... the only... Non-working Link!