"The Hounogran Fifi is a very powerful fifi and is the creator of Hounoran and Pactogran. Because of this, it is pumped through is body. He is normally in his Hounoran State, which he can control easily but when angered or put in extreme danger, his Pactogran State activates. This causes him to go out of control and destroy everything in his path without a second thought to what he was doing. Try and capture him and you'll end up like the Cult of Skyder."

-Passage from the Fifipedia


The Hounogran Fifi is an ancient fifi and the creator of Hounoran and Pactogran. Depending what state he is in, he might not be able to control it. He can control the Hounoran State with ease and is usually like this. The Pactogran State however, is uncontrollable so far and will destroy everything. Long, long, long before Zmaria was founded the Hounogran Fifi went to the north pole of the planet and while practicing controlling his Pactogran State, accidentally froze himself reverting back into Hounoran State where he slept for many years until the Cult of Skyder found him and were able to unfreeze him. He was then tried to be taken to Perfection Island but he refused and attacked them. He then flew into space where he explored the cosmos. When he came back down to Zmaria, the Cult was waiting for him and were able to capture him by use of sheer numbers. He was then forced to make Hounoran and Pactogran for them. This went on for a week, during this time, he was struggling to stay in his Hounoran State but soon couldn't hold it back. He transformed into his Pactogran State and ripped the chains that were holding him off the wall, followed by him making a giant laser and escaped the room. He then rampaged through the temple, freezing every fifi he saw until he exited the temple and destroyed the entire island. The Hounogran Fifi flew away and rested for three days.