Glue Fifi

Glue Fifi

The Glue Fifi is unique fifi, it has a strange, orangish cap on its head that cannot be removed. It's body contains a type of sticky chemical, similar to glue. This fluid flows in its veins. When the levels reach maximum it flows through the top of the spout. This then covers their body, offering great protection.

-Passage from the Fifipedia


Glue Fifi is actually purple, but he is covered in glue. White glue. Glue fifis can be found anywhere around a glue factory. Anyone that touches it is going to stick around to it for a VERY long time. They are often used in construction projects. The spout on the tip of their head is important because if that gets clogged, they can't produce any glue.


  • Glue
  • Paste