The book that classifies all fifis.


This ancient book contains everything we know about fifis, it was written by the Excalishman family. You'd be surprised about how much stuff is in there. It can also update on its own, that's right, it's self aware.


The fifipedia was made in the year 58 BC by Kerkihub, one of the earliest members of Excalishman's family. When he first got it, he used to to store knowledge of different kinds of fifis and their eggs. He recorded abilities, habitats, traits, strengths, and weaknesses. When he passed away, the book was given to his daughter who filled in pages to translate different languages along with with holidays. The next generations were explorers and mapped out and described locations and events that happened.


  • Every fifi known to fifikind.
  • Every location.
  • Every event.
  • Every Holiday.
  • All of the languages.
  • Every egg.
  • Everything basic about fifis.


In the Centennial Library.