Common Pink Fifi

A common Fifi


A common fifi

The King Fifi

The King Fifi

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Fifis are a creature that Zach made. They come in all shapes and sizes. They were created on November 11, 2006. They are ruled by the King Fifi. To see their Evolution, click here. They are able to pick up items in a short distance, despite not having arms, by using a Telepathic Grasp.

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The normal fifi lives in the forest of planet Zmaria, although most fifis live in the city. However, Some fifis will live in different places depending on their element. Locations. To get there, go to the Portals.


Certain elements have different ideas about battling. In fact, some don't even like it. Go here to find them: Battle Elements. Also, visit the war section of History.


Fifis love to play and hide. They will eat almost any food. They are super friendly, but sometimes shy when first encountered.


Fifis have many similar holidays as well as some of their own. Though they also have years of culture, involving Sports, Food, and others.


Some Fifis use Gadgets for help in their everyday life.


Fifis come in many different colors and shapes. Sometimes, they have accessories like hats, bows, and shoes.


(NOTE: Types of fifis are determined by multiple variables.)

  • Some fifis are born with powers.
  • Most fifis go to Schools
  • Some fifis train to get powers.
  • Some fifis get jobs that give them their powers.
  • Some Fifis get weapons.
  • Some fifis don't get powers.
  • Some get Elemental Crowns or Gems
  • Some fifis have strange powers... click here for examples--> odd fifis.


The Source is a powerful object that gave Fifis many things.