Chapter 1- Just Another DayEdit

It was an average day at the Castle. Zach was practicing his plant magic, trying to make a tree made out of candy. No such luck yet, the closest he got to it was a cocoa plant. This went on for about an hour and Zach gave up for the day. He went to Almanesh to ask if he had plans today. "You have a parade to attend at 4:30." He replied. "Is that it?" Zach asked. "You also have your language classes today." he replied once again. Little did Zach know, this parade was going to be cut short. Until then, he went to his training room and practiced with his war hammer, Aidalorn. Zach was practicing new techniques when Jack, Kentsy, Almanesh, Fifo and him went to fight the Evil Fifi. He practiced a move that consisted of jumping high in the air and using his war hammer to crack the ground. Still to no avail. Soon after, it was time for Zach to make his grand appearance in Fifi City. He boarded his float and covered it in a thin but seeable light that illuminated the parade. As the float came towards the crowd, he made flowers and grass come out of the dirt below along with an apple tree. About halfway through the parade, Zach got a hologram message from Excalishman.

Chapter 2- Shadow PortalsEdit

Zach teleported to the lab immediately and asked what was wrong. Excalishman showed him: a TV popped out of a desk and showed Iona. At first, everything was normal, but after five seconds, a black oval opened and closed again, this happened five times in different spots, but all near Iona. "There have been portals popping up all over Iona," Excalishman said. Suddenly, Sam walked in followed by Patrick. "Patrick and I have not yet identified this dark type of energy," Sam added. Zach looked at the screen for a few more seconds then turned it off. "Is there anything we can do to help," Zach asked. Excalishman said that Zach should gather a team and go to Iona to take notes on the portals. So Zach invited Sam and Patrick and sent two holograms.

Chapter 3- The AirshipEdit

Zach, Sam, and Patrick went to the outskirts of Iona and found Jack waiting. "Why are we here?" Jack asked. Zach informed Jack about the mysterious portals and that we were taking notes on what they were like up close. Suddenly, a giant wooden airship came through the clouds. It looked like a boat with a big white balloon attached to it by rope. A rope dropped down and a Fifi slid down and landed on his feet. "Glad you could make it Jacob." Zach said. After introducing Jacob to Jack and Sam, Zach told Jacob about the portals. Jacob invited them to the airship. "Do we have to climb the rope?" Sam complained. "Not if you can fly." Jacob said smugly. "Well then in that case..." Jack started then flew up to the airship. "Get climbing." Jacob said, jumping onto the rope.

Chapter 4- AdjustmentsEdit

Once on the ship, Patrick took his backpack off and collapsed. "What's in that backpack that makes it so heavy?" Jack asked. Patrick opened it and pulled out four artificial metal wings. "So we climbed all the way up the rope when we could have just flown up?!" Sam yelled. "Yeah, I kinda forgot to tell you." Patrick said as he backed into a corner. Meanwhile, Jack was scanning the ship for some reason and Jacob occasionally looked nervously at him. Zach went to the crows nest and looked down on Iona. After Sam stopped scolding Patrick he went over to Jacob and asked him about the ship, Jacob didn't really talk about it much for some reason. Just then, Jack's machine started beeping and spinning like crazy.

Chapter 5- A Hitchhiker's Guide to the MultiverseEdit

Jack came over to Jacob and started yelling at Jacob to tell him what has happened to the ship. Everybody looked over towards the two and listened to whatever was happening. "I have found extremely high traces of energy on this ship." Jack said, "There is so much energy the ship is unstable and could easily disappear from existence." Jack yelled. "Wait wait wait, slow down, Jacob, is there anything you would like to tell us." Sam added. "Well, you see..." Jacob started. "WELL?" Patrick asked. "This ship has kinda um..." Jacob continued. "Kinda what?" Zach added. "Traveled through the uh..." Jacob mumbled. "Oh, just get to the point!" Sam said. "FINE! The ship has traveled through the multiverse." Jacob proclaimed, causing everyone to look around nervously. "How did you travel through the multiverse in the first place?" Sam asked. "The energy it takes to even create the portal like that would take a five supernovas and going through the portal would most likely rip you apart." Jack added. "Can I just tell my story?" Jacob asked with an annoyed look on his face. "Go ahead." Zach said. "One day, I was traveling through space when an astroid hit my ship, knocking me off coarse. I flew past a back hole but it slung me into a bunch of star dust and that's when I blacked out. When I woke up everything was really blocky, the sun shone in my eyes, I couldn't find my ship and all of my tools were gone. I looked around me and found a forest. I gathered some wood and apples and started to build a house. I still had a fifinium sword with me, which was good, because the only thing to eat were animals and apples. Throughout the next week, I was able to build a big house with a pool and a farm. My house was on the side of a cliff so I had limited space for anything else. About a month later, I found some other people and showed me the way to a village. I went over there but found it being destroyed by three people in cloaks. Then two figures came out and started fighting them. Once they were defeated they came to me and introduced them selves as Sandwich and Mr. Turtle. They asked if they could stay at my house. They helped me work on an airship, the project took months but they then had to leave. So I set sail and somehow went through another portal." Jacob ended.

Chapter 6- The MeteorEdit

After much questioning about the story, a meteor soared toward the ship. Luckily, Patrick caught it with his grabber pack. A fire fifi came on the ship and gawked at it. The meteor cracked open and a dark black liquid came out. The fire fifi touched it and the liquid covered its entire body, the fifi became darker in colour and attacked Sam. Jack tried to use telekinesis to pull it off but nothing happened. Zach created a wall of vines surrounding the fifi. Suddenly, the wall erupted in flames. "Fire fifis cant do that." Zach shouted. "It must be the black stuff that covered it." Jacob replied. Sam pulled out a gun like devise and shot it. A small projectile went towards it leaving a misty streak behind it. It hit the fire fifi and covered it in ice. For a few seconds it didn't move, then erupted in flames again. The deck caught on fire a started traveling to the roped. "Put out the fire!" Jacob commanded, but it was too late, the ropes burnt up and the ship fell. "Were going down!" Jack wailed. The fire fifi jumped off the ship towards the water below. "Oh no you don't!" Sam muttered. He pulled out a lasso and looped it around the rogue fifi. The lasso tightened and the fire fifi was pulled up. "Throw it in here." Jacob said. Sam did so and it landed in a metal cage. "Do you really think tha-" Zach started as the ship plunged into the water. The ship slowly floated back up to the surface of the water as three sails popped up. "As I was saying" Zach said, "do you really thing that cage will be able to hold that fifi?" Jacob got up and wiped seaweed off of his face. "That's no ordinary cage, it's a trick cage, it analyzes the fifi's type and makes it invincible to it. "We should keep it in the basement." Sam said, "Patrick can you move it to the basement? Wait. Where's Patrick." Everyone looked around for him on the deck but with no luck. "Over here." Everybody looked up and saw Patrick tied up by the sails above them. Zach created two vines to untie Patrick, who came down with a thud. "I'll take it." Patrick said.

Chapter 7- Let's Go on a QuestEdit

Once Patrick came up from below deck, Zach held a meeting. "I've been able to locate where we are, turns out we're in the middle of the ocean near Prantalia." Zach said grimly. "I've heard rumors about Prantalia and that there is a temple in the middle." Jack said. "Well, what are we waiting for." Jacob said. "Lets go." Yelled Sam. Five minutes on the way to the island, they were ambushed by five water fifis. They were dark like the fire fifi and had the same glare. They simultaneously shot water at Jack who collapsed unconscious. Zach summoned five seaweed sprouts and wrapped them around the five fifis. One managed to escape and freed two others. Sam attempted to grab them with one of his claw packs but got electrocuted. The three surrounded Zach, Jacob and Patrick and prepared to attack. "How many of those cages do you have left?" Zach asked Jacob. "Only four left." Jacob replied. "That means we have to let one go." Patrick said. "We'll work that out later." Jacob said bracing for impact. Suddenly, Zach created a bright light, blinding the three water fifis. Once, they recovered, they freed the other two. Zach used this method on one of the fifis. Fast as lighting, Patrick grabbed a pack and grabbed one of the fifis throwing it into a cage. "Four left." Patrick said, right before being blasted unconscious. "This fight is getting tough." Zach said under his breath. Zach and Jacob were once again surrounded when a pulse of psychic energy blasted on of the fifis into a cage. "I was wondering when you would wake up." Jacob said. "You're welcome." Jack said back. "Enough chit-chat, there's still three left." Zach yelled conjuring more seaweed. One of the water fifis prepared to fire water at Jacob when Jack shot at it. It focused on Jack and began charging but was tripped by seaweed. Once down, Zach wrapped it up, throwing it in a cage. Sam regained conciseness and shot an ice beam at it, Sam then grabbed his claw pack and moved it into a cage. "Now might be a good time to decide what to do with the last one." Zach told Jacob.Don't look at me for ideas." He commented. Zach and Jack simultaneously projected a light beam at it, the beams fused and completely covered the water fifi. When the beam disappeared, the water fifi returned to its normal colour and both Zach and Jack fainted.

Chapter 8- Training SessionEdit

"Ugh" Zach Groaned. "What happened?" Jack asked. "You passed out after you did that light beam thingy." Jacob replied. "But the fifi got cured, your combined light beams peeled the shadow off of it." Sam added. "Shadow, so that's what we're calling it." Zach mumbled. "You passed out for three days." Sam said. "If we can get you two to practice using that power without passing out we could end this problem before it gets worse, well, worse than it already is, we've had ten attacks while you were passed out, Jacob was able to make more cages for them luckily." Patrick said. "Do you have a place where we can practice?" Zach asked Jacob. "The deck will work for practice, and I can bring up the cages. Everyone except Jacob went up to the deck to prepare for training, shortly after, Jacob arrived with one of the water fifi cages. "Well, try and do the light attack again." Sam said. Zach created a ball of pure light and Jack did the same. They fired it at the Fifi and cured it. Instead of passing out, they just collapsed. "Amazing" Patrick started, "You didn't pass out this time." Sam walked over and said, "The first time you did it must have used up all of your energy but this time your body was prepared and it stole less energy." Zach got up and told Jacob to bring up another cage. "We should use the light ball every time." Zach said to Jack. "Using the ball makes it go faster and makes sure the target is hit." Jack replied. "This time try a multi shot." Jacob said, dragging three more water fifi cages. "I'll try." Jack said. They both created three small spheres and fired them. They fused once more and wiped them clean causing them to dive into the ocean. Jack started panting for a few seconds then recovered. "Don't get tired yet, we still have more." Jacob said to them both. After the rest of the fifis were cured, Zach and Jack could use the move without using any energy at all. By the end of training Patrick yelled that he saw Prantalia.

Chapter 9- Land HoEdit

Prantalia was about one hundred feet away from the boat. Jack and Sam were gathering rope to attach to a rock they spotted. Zach was creating armor made of seaweed for the bow of the boat so protect it from crashing into the island. Patrick was watching out for any enemies that might be on the island and Jacob was securing the boat for when they left. After everyone was done, they met on the deck. "The island could be crawling with the shadow fifis, we need a way to get around the island safely." Jacob said. "One second," Zach hopped onto the island and climbed into a tree. He came back three minutes later with what seemed like a pile of leaves. "Here, I made some leave armor, it won't protect you, but it's light, camouflaged, and agile, great for hopping through trees." Everyone agreed and put it on. Jacob then pressed a button turning the boat invisible. As they stepped onto the island, Jacob said that every one should stick together. As they passed the beach Zach hopped up a tree, vines then sprouted out of the ground and grabbed them, bringing them up the tree. "It's all jumping from here." Zach commented. "I'll pass." Jack replied activating his wings. Jack shot up into the sky. "If you're going to be up there, at least do look out." Patrick yelled to Jack. "Okay." Jack yelled down. After another hour of swinging on vines and jumping branch to branch, they were ambushed.

Chapter 10- Mystery IslandEdit

"How much farther till we get to the temple" Patrick asked. "Looks like half an AHH" Jack yelled as he fell through the sky. "Look out!" Jacob yelled to Sam. Sam sidestepped to the left as a lightning bolt soared passed his foot. "Woah, that was close." Sam yelled. "Theres three of them" Sam told the rest. "I got this," Zach said, "this is my turf." Zach brought up multiple vines from the earth and wrapped it around them. "It won't hold them forever." Jack yelled. "I know it wont." Zach made the vines go up ten more feet then through them towards the ground. "Now use the light ball." Patrick said. Zach and Jack conjured up three light balls and launched them at the lightning fifis. Jack jumped up to fly but fell to the ground. "Im too weak to fly, I got hit pretty hard." Jack explained. "Then get swinging." Jacob told him, swinging by. Jack climber the tree and jumped with the rest of them. It was another half hour until they reached a giant pillar. "We've reached the center of the island." Sam said. "We can't climb up this though. It's too high." Jack said. Patrick reached into his pack and pulled out the artificial wings. "We can fly up." Patrick said. So they equipped the wings and took flight. "How fast are we going?" Zach asked. "One hundred miles per hour." Sam yelled back. "Don't look down." Patrick said. Everyone looked down. "How high are we?" Jack asked. "From how long we've been flying, I'd say about thirty miles high." Jacob said. "Really, it didn't look that far up." Zach said. "Wait," Jack said. "there's something wrong." Jack flew around the circumference of the pillar, when he returned he used a psychic blast to destroy part of the pillar which let of a giant energy surge. "Why did you do that?" Zach asked. "The pillar used a kind of magic that hasn't been seen in centuries." Jack told the group, "It creates an infinite landscape or in this case, a pillar so we can't reach the top, but now, the flight should end quickly." They continued flying and reached the top in five minutes. When everyone landed and took of their wings, they turned to enter the temple.

Chapter 11- The Forgotten TempleEdit

Sam entered the temple first and pulled out an orb, he pushed a button and it hummed to life. The orb created a light beam that illuminated the tunnel. "Just in case I'm going to send out a psychic pulse." Jack did so and pure energy rippled through the temple. "Looks like the walk won't be as long now." Zach said. "Watch out, it looks like this place is falling apart." Jacob said. "And there are tons of portals here." Sam said, looking down on a screen. "Look, theres writing on the wall." Patrick told them. "Let me see." Jack said. "It's the language of the old fifis, very few people can translate it. "I'm one of those people." Zach said proudly. "How do you know that language, Zach?" Jack asked. "Almanesh has been teaching me these language classes, I thought they were useless." Zach replied. "It says that the crystal room is this way." Zach read. "The crystal room, what's that?" Patrick asked. "Let's go find out." Sam said to the group. As they continued on, they encountered multiple traps, each one worst than the last. "Well, were finally here." Jack said. The room was a giant circular space with a dome at the top that had a small hole it it. At four points in the room, there were stone connectors that all went to the center where there was a place to hold something. "What do you think goes there?" Jack asked. "Probably a crystal." Jacob said. "On this wall, it says that placing a crystal in the slot will activate a beam of... I can't read the rest, it's too worn down" Zach told the group. "Does it say where we can find this crystal?" Jacob asked. "Over here it shows a bunch of islands and a giant monster." Patrick said, staring at a giant wall. Sam exited the temple and looked over the edge of the pillar. "Guys, you need to see this." He yelled into the temple." They rushed out immediately.

Chapter 12- IslandsEdit

"What is it." Jack said. "It's just a bunch of islands." Patrick said. "Exactly, before there was just a single island, now theres a whole archipelago." Sam told Patrick. "What do you think will happen?" Jack asked. At that moment, the islands started coming closer until they started rising, forming a giant rock monster. When it finished forming it grabbed Jack, Sam, and Jacob. "Let them go!" Zach yelled and vines sprouted from the earth as big as trucks and held the monster down. Jacob was able to escape the giants grasp and landed on the pillar. Patrick activated his claw pack and brought out four claws. He used two of them to anchor him down and the others to punch the monsters face. This time Jack managed to escape and flew back to the pillar. He then started to use telekinesis on boulders and throw them at the monster, knocking off layers of his chest, and Patrick used his claw pack to work at the monsters fist, trying to free Sam. Zach sprouted more vines and chipped in and broke the monsters fist. Sam started to fall but was caught by one of Zach's vines. Once everyone was safe they attacked it. Jacob used a frost attack to completely immobilize the giant's hand and Sam and Patrick ripped it off. Zach wrapped two vines around each arm and pulled in opposite directions. Both arms crumbles and Jack launched another bolder at its chest. Making it dizzy. Next, Zach, Sam, and Patrick, pelted its head with punches and scratches and was finished off by Jack throwing a bolder that Jacob froze. When the rock monster was finally defeated, it started to glow brightly and collapse in on itself, it fell into the ocean with a splash and when all of the dust cleared, a green crystal was floating in the air, Jack used telekinesis on it and brought it to him.

Chapter 13- OopsEdit

Jack placed it on the grass and everyone gathered around. "Could this be the crystal?" Sam asked. "Most likely." Zach said. "Lets bring it back, the portals are getting worse." Jack told the group. Patrick picked up the crystal and started walking towards the temple. On his way, he tripped on a rock, letting go of the crystal. "NO!" Sam yelled, watching the crystal bounce of the pillar, plummeting towards the ground, but at about ten feet down, a portal opened beneath it, and the crystal fell in. "We need to go after it!" Sam yelled. "but we don't know what will happen jumping through a-" Jack was interrupted by Zach cannonballing off the pillar. "Whatever." Jack finished. Jacob jumped in, followed by Sam and Patrick, and finally, Jack. As Jack went through the portal, it closed behind him. "That was close." Jack muttered. The fall through the portal seemed to take forever. "Jack are you there." Jacob called from below. "One second." Jack yelled back. Jack got into a dive and caught up with Jacob, Patrick, and Zach. "Where's Sam?" Jack asked. "Sam went a head to try and grab the gem." Patrick told Jack. "Aren't you guys concerned about hitting the bottom." Jack said cautiously. "Not really." Zach chuckled. Suddenly, Sam came down from above, holding the crystal. "Did we pass you Sam?" Zach asked. "Nope, apparently there can be portals inside of portals." Sam said. "There's the bottom guys." Patrick said. "Hmm, we didn't think this out very well, did we?" Sam yelled. Everyone stopped moving and slowly descended to the bottom. "What would you guys do without me." Jack said sarcastically. When they reached the bottom, everything was pitch black. After a few seconds, they regained sight and saw the shadow dimension. "This could be difficult." Zach said. The group walked toward a giant castle in the distance. About half way there, they encountered a problem.

Chapter 14- Dimension SEdit

"Guys, I think we're being watched." Jack said. Just then, Zach created a light, revealing an army of shadow fifis. "Let's get fighting." Jacob said. Jack started firing psychic blasts of them while Sam was using his everlasting potion as a sword to fend them off while patrick was mixing chemicals and dousing them. Zach was swinging Aidalorn wildly at them. Jacob was freezing them and knocking them back, this worked for a few minutes. Patrick suddenly got an idea and yelled what everyone needed to do. Zach was picking them up the vines and throwing them back into the crowd. Jacob froze them and Jack used telekinesis to throw them back, Sam and patrick were using their claw packs to pick them up and toss them. "We can't keep doing this, there's to many." Zach shouted. "Fall back." Jacob yelled. Sam grabbed the group with the claws and held them over his head then making two more to act as legs. Sam sprinted away from the fifis occasionally swatting at one. By the time they reached the castle, they had lost the army. Sam let everyone down and they walked to the castle. When they reached the main chamber, Jacob noticed a sign that led to the throne room. They walked over to giant double doors. "Lets go." Zach whispered. They burst in the room, and found a big sleeping fifi with a black crown surrounded by ten flying fifis. "That must be the Shadow King" Jack said. They somehow burst in the room without disturbing it from its slumber. They snuck around the edge of the room until Zach heard something behind him. "Aah... Aaaah.... AAAHHH-CHOO" Patrick sneezed. The fifi on the throne opened its eyes and roared.

Chapter 15- Boss FightEdit

The fifi looked at them and yelled something in an unknown language and all of the guards swooped down and started attacking. "Aww, how considerate. There's two for each of us." Zach said pulling out his war hammer. Sam grabbed two and slammed them together, knocking them out. Patrick saw and did the same. Jacob froze one and watched it plummet to the ground. Zach swung his war hammer at one, paralyzing it on contact. It collapsed on the ground and Zach made a vine and picked the fifi up, throwing it at the other one. Jacob froze another one and as it was about to hit the ground, Jack used telekinesis to launch it at his two. When they were all defeated, the big fifi got up, and roared causing the flying fifis to fall into a pit and ten fire fifis to come out of a room. He then tried to stomp on Jack only missing by a hair. Zach slapped him with vine but it got burnt to a crisp. Patrick pulled out a small gun and pointed it at the fifis. "What's that?" Zach asked. "A tractor beam." Patrick said using it on one of the fifis knocking it into four more. Jacob created an ice block over one of there heads. It laughed and melted it, turning it into water that fell on it. "Good idea." Sam said pulling out his freeze ray. He aimed over two of there heads and fired. The same happened. Jacob did this on the rest of them until they all passed out. They fell into the same pit and this time, rock fifis came out. They jumped up and down, causing the castle to shake violently. Pieces of the castle started to crumble, the castle started to collapse and part of the throne room's ceiling fell onto Zach, leaving only a pile of rubble. Jacob froze five of the fifis and Sam picked them up and threw them at the Shadow King. It flinched, causing Patrick to throw the rest at it. It then tripped over his throne and crashed through the wall. "Quick, unbury Zach!" Jacob commanded. Jack started moving the rocks while Sam and Patricks grabbed pieces of the rubble and threw it at the King. When Zach was unburied, Jacob pulled a lever and the pit in the floor opened, revealing all of the fifis the King called in. Zach and Jack fired light into the hole and all of the fifis climbed out and started attacking the Shadow King. The King got up and starting calling for his minions. After ten seconds the rooms was a madhouse, all of the fifis they freed had an opponent. "Now, go for the Shadow King." Jack yelled. Zach reached for his war hammer, Jack pulled out his cosmic sword, Jacob activated his ice beam, Sam turned on out his everlasting sword, and Patrick equipped a laser gun. They all attacked him at the same time. "We're not effective." Sam shouted. Then, one successful strike from Aidalorn cracked the main crystal on the crown. There was a bright flash and a portal appeared. The Shadow King started laughing and yelled at his army. The entire wall behind him collapsed revealing thousands of shadow infected fifis. The King stepped through the portal and his army followed him. "We've got to go after him!" Jack yelled to the group. "How?" Jacob asked. "He's right, there isn't an opening with his army flooding through." Zach replied. We need to just jump in and cut it off. "Here goes nothing." Patrick said, grabbing everybody with the pack and jumping through. When they got through, Jack sliced at the portal, cutting the link. The group looked out and saw the army heading off of the island towards Zmaria.

Chapter 16- Chaos on ZmariaEdit

Zach told Patrick to get out the wings, Patrick did so and handed them out. "We all need to get to the ship. Jacob, turn off the cloaking devise." Zach commanded. Everyone ran towards the edge of the cliff and jumped off, towards the boat. "The ship should have finished repairing the balloon so we'll be ready to fly." Jacob informed Zach. After gliding to the airship, Jacob activated the balloon. When the ship rose into the air, rocket boosters came out and fire spewed out. Zach then went inside to call Excalishman and told him what was happening. A small portal opened up in front of Zach and Excalishman told him to get Jack and fire the light into it. Zach got Jack and they let out a full beam. Excalishman thanked him and ended the call. "Good news guys, we're ahead of the army and almost to Zmaria." Jacob said. When the group got there, they were welcomed to the sight Zach had hoped to see. The entire Zmarian army was ready with tanks, guns, cannons, fighter jets, and more. "They know we're they good guys, right?" Jacob asked. "I sent Excalishman enough light to cure the entire army and he loaded it into the weapons as ammo, so when it hits them, it cures them." Zach explained to the crew. They docked the ship and took there places to fight them off. After an hour the entire army was spotted and they opened fire. Grenades were thrown into the crowd and exploded into light. Fighter jets swooped down and shot a mass of light into the army and went to reload. Tanks shot up in the air and explosives landed. A laser cannon was fired and healed the first few rows while grabbers picked up the cured. This went on for another two hours until the entire army was cured. Then, the Shadow King appeared.

Chapter 17- The Final BattleEdit

The Shadow King stomped towards the army. "Aim for the crown!" Zach commanded. The entire army shifted its aim towards the crown, he stumbled back multiple times but was able to withstand the attacks. "We need more!" Jacob shouted. More cannons were brought and continued firing. "Go for the main crystal on his crown." Zach said over the radio. They did so and started to push him back. He then regained his strength and stomped his feet causing the army to go flying. "It's just us now." Zach said. "Let's attack all at once." Patrick said. Everyone agree and gave it their full force. The King fired a shadow beam at Jack and Zach created a tree to block it. He next fired it at Patrick and Zach created another tree. Zach then created trees all around the King, blocking any escape, The Shadow King destroyed it and started to charge at Zach. He started creating random trees to block his path but none were in his way. Zach then focused even harder and a giant tree came out of the ground in front of it, made out of solid chocolate. "Yes." Zach said to himself. The Shadow King ran to it and started taking bites of it. Jacob used an ice beam on it and froze it's foot, taking it's attention away from the tree. Patrick and Sam used their packs to launch claws at it and ended up blinding him. When he got up, Jack launched a tank at him crushing him. However, he still got up an Jacob froze both of his feet, tripping him, causing him to slide twenty feet on his face. When he got up, he became enraged and Jack threw a plane it him, making him fall over. "Jack, create a portal to the shadow dimension!" Zach shouted. Jack did so and the Shadow King got up and looked at the portal behind him and started charging at him again. Zach jumped down and his war hammer hit the ground, sending him flying backwards. Right as he was about to go into the portal, he caught himself. He started to charge but Sam and Patrick held him back so Jacob could freeze him. Zach and Jack created a light beam and fired it at the King, making him stumble into the portal. As soon as he fell in, Sam picked up a big rock and threw it in the portal. Jack closed it and everyone celebrated.


-Zach: Zach went back to him castle and created more chocolate trees around the castle. He Kept studying his language classes and learned new fighting moves. Excalishman told him how his light beam worked because of his ability to rid evil and the shadow counted as evil. He held a parade to celebrate and all of the previously infected fifis were given a home, along with counseling.

-Jack: Jack went back to teach at his school and taught young fifis the importance of avoiding mysterious meteors and to tell a trusted adult immediately. He recently discovered three new dimensions, one of which was the one Jacob traveled to. He has also worked to develop a solution for how to gain Robot-Opolis back.

-Sam: Sam continued his studies on the shadow virus and where it came from and how it got to Zmaria. Sam is still on a journey around the planet discovering new locations to be mapped one of which is a small island covered in a dense forest. He claims that there is an evil presence on the island, but can't confirm it. But I guess that's just an adventure for another day.

-Patrick: Having being awarded Fifi of the Month for controlling nanobots, Patrick has had a lot to look forward to. Along with this, He has been awarded a science medal for combining claw packs with the artificial wings to help construction fifis build. He has continued to work hard for The Academy and is teaching a branch on biology.

-Jacob: Jacob has continued his interstellar travel, this time, he has not gone through any multiverse portals. He is operating a space station loaded with unique aerospace technology built for fighting in zero gravity environments, but they work just as well with gravity. Speaking of which, he has beamed down to Excalishman's palace using his technology to discuss science things that you probably wouldn't understand anyway.

-Matty: When Matty got thrown out of a window by Badoble, he lived the life of a travelin' hobo. He got fired from his job as a potato farmer and is now joining the army. Wait, why am I writing about Matty? He isn't even in this book, this is the first time I've mentioned him anyway. Oh well, what's done is done, unless I hit the backspace button a few times.