A common fifi

Foo (past)

A foo from this dimension.


A neep


A neefie.


A bobo.


Zach made these on November 11, 2006. They are omnivores and love to play around. Although they have no arms to pick things up, they use telepathic powers to carry things. It has been confirmed that only some fifis can use these powers to move objects around across rooms. Just remember to bring Cooked Meat for them!


Ben made up these enemies of the Fifis, they have an outer layer that they are born with.

The "outer layer" that foos have is actually a sticky membrane that is given to them at birth. It is possible for a foo to remove his "suit," but it would be very painful, and take a while. Also, there is not much point in removing their membrane, because it gives them their spike, their greatest defense. Foos, much like fifis, are a wide variety of species, ranging from fire foos, water foos, you name it, there's probably a foo for that.


Neeps are creatures that Zach made, they evolved a few appeared a few millennial after fifis and foos. They like Fifis have no arms, but unlike Fifis, they have no legs. They move around by rolling.


Neefies' bodies are covered with fur, making it difficult for anyone to see what's underneath. They develop this fur coat before they are even born, and thus have absolutely no idea what they even look like underneath. Neefies have arms and feet sticking out of their fur. The interesting bit is that the hands and feet don't seem to be attached to the rest of the body, so they can move them around to have two left hands, walk on all fours, you know the like. They can also rotate their arms around as much as they please. Neefies are peaceful and can float in even the softest winds.


Bobos were the very second creatures invented by Zach and Jack. Zach made 'em, Jack named 'em. Bobos have a sluglike appearance and a spike sticking out of their bodies. Despite their appearance, bobos do not leave behind a trail of slime. If you were to touch them, they'd be as solid as anything else, not ooey and gooey! The average bobo is blue.


Humans are a complex species that inhabits a planet called earth, they have no special abilities except for opposable thumbs which makes them think that they are evolved.


Dragons are creatures that inhabit the galaxy and can be seen in the deepest oceans, up in the sky of just sleeping in a cave.