The Corruption Crown is the signature helmet of the Evil Fifi. It is powered by a single, pactogran crystal. This crystal is said to be the source of Evil.


Long ago, a young and adventurous fifi named Bentilious was exploring some old underwater ruins just north of Zmania where he stumbled upon an old temple. Curious, he journeyed inside and saw a collection of artifacts, as he gazed among them and saw an old, rusty crown with a black crystal in the center. Intrigued, he picked it up, put it in his bag and returned to the surface. Back at his house, he cleaned the crown and then put it on. Immediately, he started to feel different, he took it off, but put it back on again. Soon, the crown became an obsession, he wore it everywhere but within a month, he started to act very strange. He started to stay home and didn't contact anyone. Shortly after, he started gaining dark powers and he went from blue to black. When finally confronted, he ran away to the middle of a field and created a portal to the underworld.