King Fifi CC

King Fifi Catch Card. Notice his Golden Staff.

The battle game uses card called "Catch Cards".


  • A 3x5 Index Card
  • A Pencil or Pen
  • Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Marker for color

Card Properties

Name: Name of your Fifi, remember to put Fifi afterwards.

Fifi: Draw your Fifi.

HP: The amount of health you fifi has. Average ranges in between 1000-5000.

ATK: The amount of damage you card will do. Average ranges in between 1000-3000.

Effect: A special power that will help your card in some way.

Weapon: Draw the weapon your card is using.

Note: creating your own fifi and assigning it attacks and HP can be a bit different than the trading cards like Pokemon and bakugan that you're used to, but please don't overpower your cards, as that just messes up the game and makes it no fun.

Field Layout

Hand: Hold 5 cards in your hand that no one else can see.

Battle Row: Your attack cards that you will use to battle.

Defense Row: Adding walls in front of your cards means they have to defeat the defense before they can attack other cards.

Graveyard: Where your dead cards go.

Deck: Your pile of cards, keep face down. Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.

A basic field setup:

Basic Card Layout


The are many types of effects, here are a few

  • + ____ Hp and attack if ____
  • Can dodge an attack every __ turns
  • Can kill __ card(s) every ____ turn(s)
  • Does ___ extra damage to ___ types
  • (Kills, paralyzes, freezes, eats, ect.) on contact
  • Only cards in (Sky, water, underground, etc.) can attack it
  • Attacks never miss
  • Opponents battlefield can't see because of fog like thing
  • Destroys opponents battlefield every ___ turns