The most popular Sports in the fifi world.


In this sport, two teams of three fifis are put in an empty arena, exactly four square miles, giving each team a mile, separated by a fifinium wall. They then have two hours until the wall comes down to use their powers to make their side look as they please while hiding the flag wherever they want, or they can choose to load a map from a variety of saves and their side of the arena will transform into that choice. When the wall comes down, they goal is to protect your flag while trying to capture the other team's flag. They fifis then rush to the flag using any method possible as long as it does not severely wound any one. During a fight if one fifi tags (lands an attack on) an opponent, the one who got tagged must return to their side, however, if the fifi who got tagged attacks back within three seconds they must fight and whoever wins has it their way. The battle will continue indefinitely until one one team successfully takes the other teams flag to their own flag deposit.

Saved MapsEdit

  • Forests of Zmunia
    • A snowy region with plenty of tree covers long with a lake with rivers flowing out of it.
  • Fall of Zmania City
    • The ruins of many buildings along with crashed foo fighter ships.