Bucket o' Bolts

The Bucket o' Bolts, Matty's personal space ship.

A bucket... of bolts.


The Bucket o' Bolts is Matty's personal spaceship. He used it to land on Flame Rock Island. It is pretty much useless and should not be used in battle, or for racing, or for transporting goods, or for traveling the cosmos long distance. Don't even get me started on the gas mileage, either. Well, you already did, so I'll tell you: It's 0.013 miles per gallon. Despite how horrible a vehicle this is, Matty is quoted as saying "I'm proud of how this baby soars like a rock. One thing is for sure: it's an honor to ride the Bucket o' Bolts."


  • The Saw: See that orange thing on the side? That is a saw, a rusty saw that doesn't even work.
  • A Gun: Matty opens the door and shoots a pistol.


The Bucket o' Bolts may be inspired by the Bulk Star from Kirby Air Ride.

The Bulk Star

The Bulk Star from Kirby Air Ride