One of the Attacks during The Great Foo War.


During the Attack on Century Island, The foos were setting up camps along the beaches. Coincidentally, Fifis were camping on the other side. While the foos were searching for food and firewood, one foo stumbled upon a camp from a distance, he went back to his camp and alerted the others. The foos snuck through the forest and waited for three hours before unleashing their full force. This attack consisted of fifty fifis versus one hundred thirty foos. This caused the fifis to retreat up the mountain.

Midpoint CliffEdit

After the fifis from the base fled to the mountain, they were able to out run them up the mountain until they got to the midpoint where a giant cliff blocked their path. One fifi tried to call for reinforcements but got no answer. They now had to fight the foos. The soldiers gathered in a circle but were still surrounded by the oncoming foos. Right as the foos pointed their guns, several fifis parachuted down and started firing, sending the foos backwards. The foos there were defeated but the real fight would soon begin.

Mountain TopEdit

After the fifis were taken to the top from midpoint, one fifi picked something up on his radar. A squadron of foo planes were coming towards the mountain, and fast. A fifis picked up their weapons and waited in the edge of the mountain. Soon after, the planes were in sight and started firing. The fifis dodged the bullets and shot at them when they had the chance. The battle went on for three days until all of the planes were shot down. Foos then started marching up the mountain. The fifis were hopelessly outnumbered with no signal to call for back up, they fought as much as they could but one by one, the fifis started falling. When all hope seemed lost, a beam like light shot down into a mountain, creating an explosion of rocks and rubble. When the dust cleared, the Master Fifi stood there, looking at the foos. He demonstrated his elemental beam on the front line of foos. The other foos then started running down the mountian, only to be blasted by the Master Fifi, ending the battle.