Zach's signature weapon


Aidalorn is a war hammer crafted out of fifinium (the hardest material on Zmaria) and was found in some underwater ruins 38 miles underwater and is believed to be owned by the ancient fifis. The war hammer has been carried into battle many times including the great foo war and the battle for Zmonia.

Discovery of AidalornEdit

One day off the coast of Zmonia, Zach, Jack, Kentsy, Excalishman, and Fifo were exploring some underwater ruins. Zach noticed a building that was partially intact. Zach swam inside followed by Kentsy and Fifo. As soon as they entered the doorway, the water around them seemed to get colder and it was harder to swim through. Soon after they swam into the basement of the building, the water got even colder. It was then that Zach noticed a display case. As he swam towards it, the water became unbearable and shards of ice floated past him. When he got to the case, he found a cyan war hammer inside and the words He who possesses Aidalorn shall receive his power floated through his mind. Zach then put the hammer in his exploration bag and went to see what the rest of the group was up to. At the end of the day, they returned to the submarine and compared loot. After seeing the war hammer, a training simulator was performed so Zach could test out Aidalorn. When the program ended, Excalishman noted Aidalorn's paralysis enchantment along with its frost damage.


The head of Aidalorn is cyan and its shaft is diamond incrusted gold.


Aidalorn has a unique enchantment that paralyzes targets for 3 seconds while inflicting frost damage.